Boat handling has evolved over the years from the rail systems that were reliable and proven, albeit slow and requiring many man hours to haul, store and launch boats, to the versatile travel lift which has become the mainstay of boat handling. This equipment has undergone a metamorphosis from the early stages of a tow behind frame to the current hoists that boast power slings, load scales, four wheel drive and steering and remote control operation. These latter designs have improved boat handling in safety and speed while minimizing the number of hands required to haul and to launch boats.

As the boating industry grew the need for more efficient and versatile boat handling equipment grew too. The constant demand, by end users, to add features, increase lifting capacities and improve ergonomics has driven travel lift manufacturers to design and engineer these sought after changes.

In the past customers would wait upwards of eight months for the delivery of their travel lift. Currently, a travel lift delivered in half the time predicated improves production demands.

US Hoists

Through its partnership with manufacturer Boat Lift SRL, US Hoists has access to a full complement of engineers that bring innovative and progressive thinking to develop new concepts and products. In addition, US Hoists Corporation maintains a fully stocked parts department and provides technical and service support to all travel lift owners and operators. Committed to the manufacture of products that will withstand the test of time as well as the absolute satisfaction of its customers. Need a lift? Contact US Hoists today.

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