Self-Propelled Motorized Trailers

Awkward vectoring typical of conventional trailers is now a thing of the past! Available in virtually any capacity from 15-600-ton–remote control, 90-degree steering, crabbing, lateral, forward and backward movement is excellent for moving boats in tight yards. These motorized trailers come standard with hydraulic supports that conform to the shape of any hull and a self-leveling feature for yards with uneven terrain .

Move Boats With Ease. Remote-Control, 90° Steering is Standard

US Hoists is proud to offer Boat Lift’s state-of-the-art self-propelled motorized trailers. These machines are designed for fast lifting and handling, as well as saving time in shipyards, ports, marinas and yacht clubs alike. Each trailer is equipped with a diesel engine and a lowered engine compartment for better positioning of boats that is also covered to reduce engine noise and water penetration.

The self-leveling system guarantees stability of the load on uneven terrain and the patented 90-degree steering allows for lateral movement, making it possible to save space, store more boats and increase your bottom line.

An optional width extension accommodates multiple beam widths with hydraulic supports that rise up to meet the shape of each hull for optimum stabilization of the load.

Available in almost any capacity, Boat Lift’s designs include four-wheel steering trailers for both on the road and off the road applications. The machines also have the ability to gradually increase and decrease the speed of the trailer, avoiding risky oscillations of the boat during transport. For the upmost in stability and efficiency and the ability to stack boats beam-to-beam, give us a call today to get a quote on one a new trailer.


Weatherproof Engine Compartment

Water-cooled YANMAR diesel engine complete with soundproofing and watertight covering.

Hydraulic Operated Supports

Lifting system with double-acting cylinders for up and down movement. Self-leveling system will keep boats dead-level on uneven terrain.

Extensions for Sailboats

Add-on extensions to optimize, as well as stabilize and support the hauling of sailboats (optional).

Sliding Hydraulic Supports with Pads

Reclining telescopic remote-control hydraulic supports with safety valve. Optional fork with cradle to support sailboats.

Hydraulic Enlargement

Width expansion to support multiple beam widths, allows the trailer to expand and shrink without having to go forward and backward.

Hull Support On Tail

Hydraulic keel support on the back of the machine

Self-Leveling Lifting Groups

90-degree steering with lifting system and safety valves for control on descent.

Hull Support Made of Weldox

Lighter, easier to use, removable hull-supports to support the load. In lieu of heavy steel, these supports are made of lightweight weldox.

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