Best-in-Class Construction

One of the most durable and dependable travel lifts on the market, Boat Lift designs their machines for the long haul to strict European standards. With safety and reliability of upmost importance, 4-wheel independent steering, as well as remote control and remote assistance (troubleshooting in real time over the internet) are standard for decades of trouble-free productivity.

Launch Or Haul Boats with Stability and Efficiency

Boat Lift travel lifts provide the maximum in security and reliability for the largest shipyard to the smallest mom and pop marina.

Machines are equipped with 4-wheel independent steering that allows for perfect alignment of wheels under all conditions. 90° steering also ensures excellent maneuverability, allowing for flawless functionality even in very confined spaces. Controlled by motorized slewing bearings, this enclosed steering system minimizes exposure to the harsh marine environment for years of trouble-free operation.

Each travel lift is also equipped with a weighing system installed directly on blocks via load cells. This serves two purposes: to limit the load beyond the admitted capacity (three operational thresholds) and to control aft and

forward weight through the display on the remote control to receive clear and immediate feedback. For added safety, in an emergency situation the machine can also be operated by hydraulic valves.

Boat Lift travel lifts are also equipped with a translation system that will automatically adjust the running and braking speed during sometimes risky maneuvers and/or unexpected movement of the machine.

Furthermore, US Hoists and Boat Lift understand the need to be operational at all times. That’s why we offer fast, professional technical assistance. In the case of a rare malfunction, we can connect to your machine via the internet to troubleshoot, and in many cases, fix most problems while talking directly to you over the phone.


Traditional or Extended Upper C-Beam

The optional upper cross-beam is extended forward from the front of the columns to provide an improved clearance for sail-boat rigging, pilot house and other craft.

Electronically Synchronized Winches

Independent and synchronized control of each slidable lifting point. Even number of winches on each side depending on the size and capacity of each travel lift.

Mobile Sliding Lifting Points

Sliding lifting points combined with synchronized winches controlled  by proportional valves allows independent raising and lowering of the load.

Pivot Pin System

For yards with shifting or uneven terrain, allows all four wheels to help maintain contact the ground.

90-Degree Steering System

Optimize space for maneuvering and docking. All steering groups are operated by IMO certified motorized slewing bearings.

Sound Proof Engine Hydraulic Compartment

Engine compartment houses a standard Tier 3 Iveco, water-cooled diesel engine complete with soundproofing and watertight covering.

Remote Control With Display

The ultimate in safety, two remote controls come standard with every machine. Includes a display and scale system showing total and partial weight fore and aft.

Remote Assistance Service

Remote assistance service allows us to connect to the machine wirelessly to troubleshoot and diagnose any issues. Problems can often be fixed over the phone.


  • 600 to 1200-ton capacity
  • 8-32 wheel configurations for optimum maneuvering and stability
  • Heavy tugs to super yachts
  • Allows optimized sling positioning to avoid appendages and stabilizers
  • Ideal for the needs of commercial yards
  • 140-500 ton capacity
  • Commercial fishing vessels to large yachts
  • Allows optimized sling positioning to avoid appendages and stabilizers
  • Ideal for the needs of boat builders, shipyards and larger marinas
  • 20-110 ton capacity
  • 4-wheel independent, 90-degree steering system (standard)
  • Uses an 4-winch, 4-hoist block system (2 sling sets)
  • Allows optimized sling positioning to avoid appendages and stabilizers
  • Ideal for small marinas and local shipyards.

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